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Attorney Sam Alboum listens to his clients and works hard to get the best possible results in every case."

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Family Law - Immigration - Wills & Estates

At the Law Offices of Samuel Alboum we help clients resolve some of life’s most difficult problems. This is why Attorney Sam Alboum concentrates his law practice in the areas of immigration, family law, and wills and estates. Because Sam is directly involved in every aspect of each client’s case, he provides a level of committed, personalized and aggressive representation not always found in today’s fast-paced world. Whether you need a lawyer to handle your immigration case, work through a family law problem, draft a will, or probate a loved-one’s estate, contact Attorney Sam Alboum.

Uniting Families; Becoming Part of the American Dream

Individuals who wish to reunite their families in the United States, become American citizens, or simply extend their stay here face numerous legal requirements. Dealing with these complex laws and regulations can produce great apprehension and anxiety. Attorney Sam Alboum understands the fears and concerns these individuals face, and prides himself on helping his clients successfully navigate their way through the maze of contradictory and confusing regulations. For more information about how Sam Alboum can assist you with your immigration case, call (215) 546-3820 or click here.

Family Law

Whether you are trying to resolve child custody, visitation or support issues, dealing with Children and Youth Services, adopting a child, or are the victim of abuse, Attorney Sam Alboum can help you. In his nearly two decades of practice, Sam has helped thousands of clients improve their lives, with a relaxed, client-focused style that helps to relieve the tension that often accompanies these emotional cases. For more information about how Sam Alboum can assist you with a family law matter, call (215) 546-3820 or click here.

Wills & Estates

Dealing with end of life issues can be very difficult emotionally. Whether it involves preparation of your own Will, Power of Attorney or Living Will, or handling the estate of a loved one, Attorney Sam Alboum provides advice best suited for you and your family’s needs. Sam does this with a calming, professional style that will help you understand the issues, and reduce the stress often encountered in these cases. For more information about how Sam Alboum can assist you with drafting a will or probating an estate, call (215) 546-3820 or click here.

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